Summer Sport Games 2016 Tourism X Games Kouty nad Desnou

Dear Tourism X Games participants,

Please let usinvite you to the upcoming Summer Sport Games Tourism X Games 2016 in Kouty nad Desnou (ski resort area).

Web site Ski resort Desná with the Summer offer

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Term: 2 - 3 September 2016

Accommodation: Hotel Dlouhé Stráně

Sporting events will again be both traditional and less common, so that everyone came to her. Beauty PLA Jeseníky participants enjoy in orienteering or relay cycling race. Among other disciplines that will test not only physical fitness, but also precision and skill, is one race on stilts or apples must producing.

If weather allows us, we will have the evening barbecue. We have also prepared a tasting of great Moravian wines from winery Hrabal, again a little tourism quiz is prepared and in theevening DJ is ready, in the late revening karaoke is ready for everyone.

PS: Check out the archive of previous events :-)

Toursim X Games organization team